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    Grow your online & in-store sales with Refr

    Get listed on the Refr marketplace & tap into new potential customers like never before.

    Create a community around your business

    Resources to help you enhance customer experience & grow your business manifold

    Marketplace listing

    Get discovered by a vast pool of potential customers when you get listed alongside 20+ categories on the Refr marketplace.

    All-in-one Tool

    A solution which let’s you market and sell your business effectively. Access a suite of tools to attract & retain customers and sell efficiently to all.

    Accept in-store or online orders

    Accept orders in real-time directly on your Refr dashboard when customers walk-in with a recommendation or order on the App.

    Store profile

    Help people get to know you

    Having a strong presence on Refr helps you establish trust with potential customers. Manage your page to stand out from the competition.

    • Update your business information so people can easily find and connect with you

    • Add good photos & videos to showcase the best of your business

    • Get a high recommendation count to increase credibility

    Marketplace features

    Unique ways to reach potential new customers & retain them

    • People’s choice

      Get featured in this section when you have a high recommendation count & increase credibility when new customers view your business.


      All eyes on your business when you get featured here with dynamic content that lets customers take action directly.


      Turn your customers' friends into valuable customers when your business gets recommended & saved in the 'Friends section' of the app.


      Be easily accessible to your existing customers through this section, allowing them to check their last visit, unlock loyalty benefits, and recommend your business at any time they desire.

    • BURN

      List specific products here to point customers to them, be it top sellers, discounted products or inventory you want to move.

    Marketplace features

    Ai assistant for your business

    • Our Ai assist will understand users' queries in conversational language and provide accurate responses to specific queries for e.g. best pour-over coffee under Rs.200 or male hairstylist with 10+ years experience near me.

    • The information provided by the listed vendors can be used by the AI assist to improve its recommendations and understanding of the listed products & services, which along with the assist’s round-the-clock availability, quick response time, and continuous learning will lead to a remarkably better customer experience.

    • This will attract and retain more customers, leading to increased sales and revenue for businesses

    Build your community with Refr