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    Recommendations - the present, the future

    Marketing becomes easy & effective when customers share real experiences

    Discovery has a New Name

    Refr provides a unique peer-to-peer recommendations-led discovery system

    Recommendations in-store, at home and on-the-go

    Happy customers share your store post a purchase, in-app and across chat / social, turning them into high lead-generating magnets.

    Increased Trust & Brand Reach beyond imagination

    Access and leverage your customers’ contact and follower base to supercharge your brand reach.

    Keep customers delighted... always

    Retain your happy customers by rewarding them for shout-outs & when they make successful conversions for you.

    Keep them coming back for more

    Customers get hooked when they spend their earnings back at your store. With exact conversion value and no expiry on rewards, they get the most transparent reward structure ever.


    How does it work?

    Set up store on Refr

    Create your store with your logo, banner & store details. Let customers recommend your store on every visit.

    Create a Recommendation Campaign and add funds

    Set up a Pay-Per-Recommendation and Pay-Per-Conversion reward structure that pays your customers for successful actions.

    Go live

    Your store goes live on the marketplace & customers can now send out recommendations for your store post a purchase. We display your store on user's devices when they receive the recommendation & also let them save your store on the app for future visits.

    Accept RefrCash

    RefrCash is our in-app currency with a value of 1:1. Customers can spend their collected RefrCash at your store & you can then withdraw it directly to your bank account.

    Become People’s favourite

    Your store appears in the People’s Choice section driving up your stores discovery. Higher the recommendation count, better is the discovery for your store.

    Set a budget that works
    for your business

    Your industry

    Campaign wallet refill amount

    Cost per recommendation (set budget)

    Total Reach (estimated)


    Total Conversions (estimated)


    “I am really happy with listing our cafe on Refr. Its easy to set up & use with great features.”


    Rohan, Cafe owner

    Case studies


    How to make a Recommendation campaign?
    Once you have signed up on the Refr Seller app, you are directed to create your 1st Recommendation Campaign.

    Select ‘Create Campaign’ from the ‘Campaigns’ screen.
    -Set the campaign duration, validity of which should be of minimum one month.
    -Set your cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion values.
    -Set the minimum order value a customer must fulfill to be eligible for a reward for a conversion.

    However, Refr gives complete freedom to all your customers to recommend your store post a purchase even if they don’t fulfill the minimum order value required.
    Select from the provided tiers to add funds to your Campaign Wallet.
    We will ship your Refr QR code to you within 7-10 working days.

    How does a customer send out a recommendation?
    Customers have multiple options to recommend your store post a purchase. Firstly, they can scan the Refr QR code standee placed at the storefront or at different touch points within the store. Secondly, they can click the link shared by you after leaving the store. For online & even offline purchases, they can recommend from the ‘Past Experiences’ section of the app.

    How do the campaigns reward the customers?
    Customers are rewarded in App Cash whenever their recommendation is clicked by friends or followers. Furthermore, both the customer and the friend get rewarded when he is the recommendation is used by the friend.

    How does the recommendation get used?
    People who receive the recommendation can use it in-store or order online. For in-store purchases, they have to redeem the recommendation while they are at the store after informing the staff. For online purchases, they can go ahead and complete the order on which the campaign will get auto-redeemed at check out.

    Can the recommendation be used at a later date ?
    The person who receives the recommendation can choose to save it for use at a later time & can then redeem it from the ‘Recommended by friends’ section of the app.

    Where will the rewards be paid out from?
    The RefrCash will be deducted per click and per conversion from the store’s campaign wallet.

    What is the minimum duration of the campaign?
    The campaign is set for a minimum duration of 1 month.

    How many campaigns can be run at a time?
    You can run multiple campaigns for your business, starting with recommendation campaigns, followed by loyalty and offer campaigns, which include daily drops and student-specific offers.

    How to share a store campaign with customers?
    Once you have set up your campaign, you can easily send it out to your customer base directly from your vendor dashboard.

    Start making customers for life today