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    Pricing to help every business grow

    Access tools to help you find new customers & win them like never before

    Select a budget

    With Refr you are in charge of your marketing costs, never pay more than what you have set in your campaigns.

    Stay Flexible

    You can run your campaign as per your business goals and adjust your campaign spends as per your requirements.

    Pay for results

    Only pay your customers for successful recommendations & sale conversions.

    Let's estimate your results

    Your industry

    Campaign wallet refill amount

    Cost per recommendation (set budget)

    Total Reach (estimated)


    Total Conversion (estimated)


    Set a budget that works
    for your business

    Set a budget that works for your business


    Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans when you form meaningful customer relationships & give them loyalty benefits.

    Starts from
    Wallet refill

    Loyalty + Offers

    Keep your customers coming back for more with easy to implement loyalty & rewards programs.

    Billed every 6 months



    Customized Solution

    Customized solutions & wallet refills to suit your business needs, from micro to enterprise.

    Online store

    Have a digital store with all your vital information, call, chat and social links and even a digital catalogue if you want to sell online.

    FREE  Included in above plans

    Whatsapp & Text Message Marketing

    Message customers directly about promotions, new arrivals and readily stay in the minds of your customers.

    FREE  Included in above plans

    Customer directory

    We let you compile your customers' information by syncing your existing contacts and easily adding new ones to your dashboard from the dashboard.

    FREE  Included in above plans


    Get merchandise to display in-store or send out with delivery packages to let your customers easily recommend your store at all times.

    FREE  Included in above plans

    With every account there is so much you get

    Store featured on Refr Superapp

    Store profile & Catalogue Discovery

    In-store Ordering

    Customer Engagement

    Payment Experience

    Dashboard integration

    Automatic email collection

    Automatic phone no. collection

    Seamless code redemption

    Sales and campaign performance data

    Unlimited email sends

    Custom Dashboard integration

    Sales & Campaign performance data

    Unlimited orders & enquires

    Sync your contacts

    Advocacy engine


    Direct communication with your customers

    Online ordering

    Bulk Product upload

    Processing fees

    Online Payments

    When a customer pays you through REFR we levy a payment gateway processing fee of 2.36% per transaction

    2.36% per transaction

    Taxes and other charges

    1% TDS and TCS is collected as per government regulations on every online payout and payment done. For food vendors (restaurants, cafes etc) we collect 5% Gst at source

    5% Gst at source
    1% TDS
    1% TCS


    We charge a 2% commission on sales.

    2% commission

    Our experts can help you set up an account and figure out the right budget for your business, at no extra cost


    Is there a one time payment?
    There is no one time payment for listing. However you need to create & run a recommendation campaign to go live on the Refr marketplace.

    What is the amount to be paid for recommendation campaigns?
    There are various refill amount tiers that can be chosen based on your campaign goals and business size. Tiers start from INR 2000 and go upto INR 20,000 for recommendation campaigns.

    How frequently do I have to refill my wallet?
    You only make a refill when your Campaign wallet gets exhausted after payouts for successful clicks and conversions. This is not a monthly recurring payment. However Loyalty and offer campaigns will attract a monthly recurring fee.

    Are there any processing fees?
    A small processing fee is charged depending on the selected wallet refill. This amount reduces as you select a higher tier.

    Is this a recurring payment ?
    There is no recurring payment if you are running a recommendation campaign. You only have to fuel your Campaign wallet & refill it when it gets exhausted. For running a Loyalty campaigns & Offer campaigns, a monthly fee of INR 500 is billed bi-annually.

    When do I add funds to activate my campaigns?
    You will be asked to add funds to your campaign wallet right after you create your 1st recommendation campaign. Recommendation campaigns are fuelled from the Campaign wallet. Whereas other campaigns come with a fixed monthly payment.

    What are my payment options?
    You can use any online payment method such as Debit/ Credit card payments, UPI (Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm) , Net banking & other wallets. You can also transfer funds from your Store wallet to your Campaign wallet to keep your campaign running.

    What is my Campaign wallet?
    Campaign Wallet keeps your Recommendation campaign running as your rewards are given out from this wallet, so you must maintain a positive balance. You can add funds to this wallet by selecting from the different tier options or can also transfer funds from your store wallet. Every time you refill your Campaign Wallet, a processing fee is charged depending on the selected refill tier. Funds once added to the campaign wallet have a lifetime validity.