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    Flexible payments to meet your customers' needs

    Enhance the checkout experience & process every kind of payment.

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    Fast & secure payments

    Whether you sell in-store or online, process all payment types to boost conversion.

    Refr Pay

    Accept payments using RefrCash, our in-app currency. Let customers spend their collected rewards back at your store with a 1:1 conversion, boosting your sales.

    In-store payments

    Customers who visit your store through Refr can pay you directly using cash, card, online modes or via RefrPay.

    Online Payments

    All orders on the Refr App are pre-paid. Customers can choose to pay online, via Refr Pay or a mix of both!


    Withdraw the payments you have earned in RefrCash directly via UPI or to your bank account. The funds can also be transferred to your Campaign wallet to fuel your campaigns. You can have a comprehensive overview of all your orders, payments, and cashbacks through the Refr dashboard.

    Processing fees

    Online Payments

    When a customer pays you through Refr, the payment gateway service provider levies a processing fee of 2.36% per transaction.

    2.36% per transaction

    Taxes and other charges

    1% TDS and TCS is collected as per government regulations on every online payout and payment done. For food vendors (restaurants, cafes etc) we collect 5% GST at source

    1% TDS
    1% TCS
    5% (for food)


    We charge a 2% commission on sales.

    2% commission


    What is Refr Pay?
    RefrPay is Refr’s unique payment solution that enables customers to make payments using RefrCash across all listed businesses on the Refr app, regardless of whether they make purchases in-store or online.

    How do I accept payments with RefrPay?
    Refr Pay transactions are directly reflected in your ‘Store Wallet’, from where they can be paid out to your linked bank account or UPI wallet.

    What is the settlement period?
    For offline businesses, the settlement is done on the same day. For online stores, the settlement is done after the return period is over i.e T+14 days.

    How are payouts processed?
    The business needs to add bank or UPI account details or both, wherever it wants the payments to be settled. This can be done from the business profile section on the vendor dash. Once the account is linked, can just click ‘Withdraw’ from the Store Wallet section.

    What is the commision on every payment transaction?
    Refr charges fees and commission rates to bring value to your business and community. We charge a 2% commission on every transaction.

    What are the fees and taxes to be paid on every payment and payout?
    The payment gateway service provider levies a processing fee of 2.36% per transaction, which has to be borne by the vendor.
    Govt Taxes i.e. TDS, TCS, GST wherever applicable are levied on transactions.

    Where can I view my Payments summary?
    All transactions related to payments and payouts can be viewed in the Wallet section of the vendor dash.

    Do I require any documents to be submitted ?
    Yes, you will need to submit your KYC before accepting any kind of payments on Refr.

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