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    Get them coming back for more

    It's 5x more costly to attract new customers than to retain the ones you have.

    Turn one time customers to repeat business

    Customers would love to come back when they know they have a special benefits awaiting them

    Reward Loyalty your way

    Offering unique and compelling loyalty benefits to your customers can help your business stand out and improve user stickiness.

    Loyalty campaigns

    Once visited, your store is always in your customers inbox on the Refr App. Customers get notified about your store's loyalty offers that keeps them engaged & makes them come back for more.

    Increase Lifetime Value

    Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans when you form meaningful customer relationships & give them loyalty benefits that they look forward to.

    See what the numbers are saying

    customers prefer a brand that offers loyalty rewards
    increase in average order value with integrated loyalty
    increase in store visits & online orders
    increase in revenue with higher order value & repeat purchases

    How does It Work?

    Set up store and recommendation campaign

    Create your store with your logo, banner & store details. Let customers recommend your store on their visit.

    Create a Loyalty Campaign

    Set a reward structure according to your business preference which customers can unlock for future visits.

    Reward customers

    Reward customers when they have unlocked loyalty benefits in-store or online on checkout.

    Case studies


    How do I set up loyalty for my business?
    A loyalty campaign can be set up immediately after the recommendation campaign has been set.

    How is the loyalty campaign created?
    It's easy to create a loyalty campaign. You need to select the visit on which you want to reward the customer and determine the type of reward you prefer to give: either a discount or a freebie.

    How much does it cost?
    To run a loyalty campaign for your business, it costs INR 500 per month billed annually.

    What rewards can I give out to my customers?
    You can offer either discount-based rewards or gift-based rewards. For example, you can provide a 10% discount or offer a free sample, dish, or service on every third visit.

    How can I keep track of my loyalty campaign?
    You can view the details of your campaign in the loyalty section of the dashboard. Here, you will be able to see your current campaigns along with other key metrics of your campaign.

    How will the customer get notified about the campaign?
    Customers will get notified when you log their visits. They will receive an automated notification in-app and by SMS whenever they visit and leave your store, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

    How can I keep track of customer visits and rewards?
    We help you keep track of each customer's visit and rewards paid out. All you have to do is enter their phone number and log their visits. On every visit, we give you a detailed view of the customer's interaction with your store.

    How can customers keep track of their visits and rewards?
    Customers can keep track of their visits and rewards through the past-purchases section on their app, where they can see when their last visit was and how many visits are left for them to redeem their next reward.

    Start making customers for life