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    Make business decisions backed by data

    Discover powerful insights that can help your business achieve hyper growth.

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    The key to business growth is knowing your customers

    Own your customer data & act on it to make informed decisions

    Get actionable data

    Review key business data, including sales, number of orders, popular items, average ticket size, month-on-month growth & revenue.

    Your campaign performance

    Track your campaigns through clicks, number of recommendations, total conversions, gross & net revenue. Understand which campaigns are working & optimize them to increase new & repeat business

    Enhance customer experience

    Get valuable customer analytics. Identify your new & high value customers who create conversions for your business. Reward them with recommendation & loyalty benefits to keep them hooked.


    Where can I see my sales & order data?
    You can log into your Refr dashboard & check the insights section. Here you get an overall view of your marketplace sales & order data, including daily, weekly & monthly sales, customer recommendations, & more.

    What insights can I see?
    Gain insights on the number of recommendations sent out for your business, click-through rate, and month-on-month growth. Make necessary adjustments to your ongoing campaigns to increase the number of recommendations sent out and improve their corresponding click-through rate. Additionally, obtain a detailed overview of clicks and conversions per recommendation, both individually and as a whole, over a specific time period.

    What information can I see about my Marketplace customers?
    You can view customer recommendations and details, including their name, email, and contact information. Additionally, you can identify which customers are new, occasional, or frequent patrons of your Refr store.

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