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    Dinshaw's cafe is a cozy and friendly Irani cafe located in Borivali, Mumbai. Despite its unique ambiance and delicious food, the cafe was struggling to attract new customers. The owner Karishma was aware of the potential of online marketplaces to promote her business, but she lacked the expertise and resources to do so. That's when she came across Refr, a unique marketplace that connects customers with local businesses by digitalising word-of-mouth. She decided to list Dinshaw’s cafe on Refr and see if it would help grow her business.

    She created a profile on Refr and added all the necessary details such as the menu, location, opening hours, and contact information. She also added some attractive photos of the cafe to entice customers.

    In just a few months after listing on Refr, Dinshaw's cafe's footfalls increased by 20%. There was also an increase in online orders through the platform and they were able to attract a new and diverse customer base. Customers who had never heard of the cafe before were now visiting it regularly, owing to the Refr recommendations sent out by their existing customers to their friends and family. Listing on Refr also helped Dinshaw's cafe generate more revenue. The cafe was able to offer special deals and promotions to Refr's users, which helped attract even more customers.

    Overall, listing on Refr was a game-changer for Karishma and her cafe. She was thrilled with the results and would recommend Refr to any local business looking to promote their business both online and offline.