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    Discover the right solutions to meet your objectives

    Results-oriented campaigns that are designed to deliver measurable outcomes.

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    Know your growth objective

    Tell us what you want to achieve for a tailored set of solutions, tools, and resources.

    Brand awareness and reach

    Get your brand infront of new customers

    Repeat customers

    Reward customers to increase repeat visits

    Customer engagement

    Encourage people to explore what you offer


    Drive an increase in sales

    Grow website visitors

    Get the right people to visit your website

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    Get results with the right campaign

    Tailored campaigns to align with your unique business goals

    Campaign Management

    How does It Work?

    Set up store and recommendation campaign

    Sign up and create your store with your logo, banner & store details, followed by setting up your recommendation campaign.

    Create Loyalty and Other Campaigns

    Set a reward structure according to your business preference to reward repeat customers . Also create curated campaigns to target students and flash campaigns to push sales on slow days.

    Increase Visibility

    Gain higher visibility and attract more customer visits to your profile and store with the right campaigns.

    “Expanding our business was easy with Refr. Since our customers started recommending us, we gained recognition in our neighbourhood which lead to increased walk-ins”

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    What are Refr Campaigns?
    Refr campaigns are an advertising solution designed to help small businesses, brands or professionals promote their products and services and existing websites. Refr campaigns allow merchants to choose their business goals and needs. These campaigns use smart technology to continuously monitor and improve performance, so you can spend more time on other business tasks.

    What are the different campaigns that I can run for my business?
    You can run multiple campaigns for your business, starting with recommendation campaigns, followed by loyalty and offer campaigns, which include daily drops and student-specific offers.

    How do I set up the campaigns?
    After you sign up, you will be directed to the campaign page where you can set up your recommendation, loyalty, and curated offer campaigns.

    How much does it cost?
    You have to pay a minimum amount of INR 2000 to kickstart your campaign, and this amount will be reflected in your campaign wallet-. In case you want to add more features like loyalty or offers, you will be charged INR 500 per month, billed bi-annually.

    Who should I contact if I need help and support in getting onboarded?
    You can connect with us at info@refr.club, and a representative will shortly get in touch with you.

    When does money get deducted from my campaign wallet?
    Money gets deducted from your campaign wallet only when there is a click on the recommendation sent out for your business or when someone visits your stores and converts to a sale for your business.

    What is CPC?
    CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on the recommendation and is led to your store or website. Additionally, Cost Per Conversion, where you pay based on how many recommendations were redeemed (not clicked), is something that has never been seen on any other platform, and it's something that will add immense value to your marketing spends.

    Is my wallet refill a monthly recurring payment?
    No, wallet refill is not a monthly recurring payment. You refill your campaign wallet once it becomes depleted or is close to running out. Our system will send you a message in such cases.

    How do I keep track of my campaign wallet spends?
    You can see all your campaign wallet transactions in the wallet section or the recommendation section on the menu.

    How do rewards for loyalty and offer campaigns get paid?
    These rewards are not related to your campaign wallet. These are rewards that are either discount-based or gift-based and are directly given to the customer. The campaign wallet is only meant for recommendation campaigns.

    When will I receive my Refr QR merchandise?
    Your Refr Merchandise, which comprises a standee and door sticker and/or packaging cards, will be shipped within 5-7 working days after you sign up for a Refr campaign. If you have any issues or concerns with the shipment, you can contact Refr support at info@refr.club for assistance.

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