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    Everything you need to grow your online business

    Use all features that help you create brand awareness, conversions & more

    Drive targeted traffic, unlock new growth avenues, and connect with diverse customer segments beyond existing channels helping you bridge the gap between the online & offline audiences.

    Reach more customers,
    get more sales

    Get Discovered
    Retain Customers


    Your customers recommend your store & specific products to their friends, family & followers after product delivery giving you instant brand reach.


    Increase your store's visibility by listing it on the marketplace and gaining prime real estate on the platform. By doing so, you gain access to a wide range of potential customers who are actively engaging with various online and offline categories.

    ai assistant

    Utilize the power of AI to promote your store on the Refr App. Our intelligent assistant will push your store to potential customers whenever there are related searches for products or services that you specialize in.


    Stay on top of mind of your customers when they receive notifications about upcoming rewards, further increasing their engagement with your business.


    Use special features like 'Daily Drops' to highlight sale items on specific days to drive shoppers to the precise inventory you want to move. Also offer special discounts to students to drive more sales.

    Track orders

    Manage orders from your dashboard seamlessly.

    Complete control

    Get complete access and control of your Refr store, orders and customer details.

    Integrated logistics

    We provide the convenience of professional third-party delivery or you can offer delivery by your own staff.

    Free cataloging

    Easily build your catalogue to increase the visibility of your products, making it easier for customers to browse and find what they're looking for.

    Shareable link

    Share your store link & easily conect with customers on any social of your choice.

    Communication touchpoints across your product packaging

    We provide personalised merchandise for your store that you can send out with delivery packages.

    Customers can scan the Refr code on these & share recommendations for you store.

    Spotlight your brand

    People’s Choice & Trending

    Get featured in these sections when you have the highest recommendation count in your category.


    With our product listing feature, you can easily direct customers to specific products on our platform. This allows you to highlight new products, top sellers, and sale items, ensuring that customers are aware of your latest offerings.


    Get up and running in minutes

    Set up your store

    Display a striking store logo, banner & link your socials.

    Create campaigns & Fuel Them

    Set a campaign that best suits your business & add funds in your Refr wallet to fuel it

    Go live

    Your store goes live on the Refr marketplace, you get orders in real-time & fulfil them.

    “We put our heart into making natural products for our customers. With Refr, we are being able to let more people know about our brand values & get more people to trust us with their skin.”

    Sunayana, Founder

    Raw Beauty Wellness

    The Refr marketplace helps us efficiently market & sell our products providing a holistic platform to help boost growth.